- Our mission is simple, the world largest educational and informational network.

What we believe, every human being whether young or old is a teacher and manager; either of a big business tycoon or a small company or of his/her own life. We all are good in at least one thing and we love to let others learn that thing from us. And that's is what SociEDU is all about; giving a platform for all those educators who can make others learn any sort of knowledge to others whether Science, Commerce, Arts, Sports, Life Science, Cooking, Math and Logic, Social Sciences, Cookery, etc.

The biggest tech giants of this planet are working immensely hard in the field of connecting the world through internet; making the internet accessible to each and every corner of this earth. What SociEDU focuses on is to provide Education to each and every individual on this planet as education is the most powerful weapon for anyone in this world.

There are many websites on internet right now which provides MOOCs but many of the good courses are paid and not easily be afforded by everyone as well as in some of the courses either tutor content was not understood by student or accent was not clear or any other sort of issue which let that student stops taking that course. So isn't that would be amazing if I tell you that you can now have multiple type of courses of different-different topics by multiple teachers. Along with language barrier will be removed from MOOCs. It’s always convenient for us to learn anything in that language in which we are comfortable speaking, listening and understanding. We all are aware of the fact that most spoken language in the world is Chinese > Spanish > English > Hindi. There are around 97 countries in the world which speaks English either as their native language or they learned it. But there are still 100 countries (approx.) in the world whose major population speaks their native language and not English. And the contradictory part is that most of the famous online courses providing websites make their courses in English and only a limited amount of people can learn from them. SociEdu gives a platform for such learners to learn from other Sociers in their respective languages as for e.g. like in Afghanistan Dari Persian, Pashtu is widely spoken so they can connect to those Sociers which are from their country or which are producing courses in their languages. Our eternal goal is that every learner gets educated in the most comfortable way. We believe that the amount a student can learn in school and college on a seat is comparatively much lesser than the amount he/she can learn online along with millions of people rather than with just a few from classrooms.So each and every problem will be sorted out.

So what user gotta do on SociEDU is that either they can be a tutor or a learner, all they have to do is to just create an account just like you do on other websites like Facebook, Pinterest and that too free of cost (lifetime). All the courses would be uploaded by tutors and will be managed in our database and onto their own profiles which we'll be calling Tutors profile. Even the total no. of learners of each and every tutor will be managed by us just like we have followers on twitter and Instagram so that the competitiveness among tutors remain alive and the tutors will maintain the quality of course too. Total no. of views on each tutorial whether textual or audios (especially for blind people) or videos will also be displayed. Again keeping the competitiveness alive and for another main reason. Now what's that reason: We all are aware of this basic fact that teachers either of the schools, institutions or colleges are paid for teaching (Ref: Continue read till end to get full understanding). And it is an obvious fact doing something what's your passion is one of the greatest gift one can have in his/her life and what if SociEDU will act as a platform where you will get paid for your passion. So isn't that would be the best gift! Oh yes on YouTube one can bet there won't be even half number of videos as compared to what it has now if Youtubers weren't getting paid and yes it is obviously a good thing. So even teachers of SociEDU will be getting paid for their courses.

Let me explain it to you through an example. You must recognise a modern day smartphone, just look at the phone we use around 100 years ago! A big difference right? Stay with us.. A car from today has a big difference with the car people used to drive 100 years ago. But the classroom we used 100 years ago is almost same with the classroom today. Isn't that a shame? In literally more than a century nothing has changed. Universities and schools claim to prepare students for the future, but I want to ask you a question are they preparing students for the future or past? Rather than making students taking knowledge they compete them to get an A. Nice and neat. Back there time was different, but today, we don't need to make robots zombies. The world has progressed, and now we need people who think creatively, innovatively, critically, independently with the ability to connect.

Just look at the case that would the results would have been tragic if the doctor would have prescribed the same medicine to all of his patients. When it comes to school, this is exactly what happens. This educational malpractice when one teacher stands in front of 60 kids each one having different strength, different needs, different gifts, different dreams. And they teach the same thing, the same way. That's Horrific!!

I mean teachers have the most important jobs on this planet and yet they are under paid. No wonder so many students are short changed. No doubt teachers should earn as much as doctors. Because the doctors do a heart surgery and save the life of a student but a teacher reaches the heart of a kid and allow them to truly live. I have faith in people and if we can customize healthcare, cars and Facebook Pages, it is our duty to do the same for education. To upgrade it, change it. Let the system be defined in such a way that let it reach the core of every heart in every class. Sure math is important but no more than art or dance. Let give every heart an equal chance. This is the world in which I believe, where fish is no longer forced to climb trees.

Well this is what we are making. Sociedu: Our mission is simple to make the education accessible to all in their own style, in their own way. To redefine the way education has been provided from the last century in almost every nation of this world, We are working on something for the long term.

So Go make your accounts on Sociedu!!!

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